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shylax: what the fuck DVComp


what the fuck DVComp

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Aurora Memoria Philosophical Data Session: 2093More info at...

Aurora Memoria Philosophical Data Session: 2093

More info at

Thematic + Formal Concentration: Science Fiction, Cyber Punk, Neutropias, Technocracy, Gender Signification in Programming, Techno-fetisization, and Erotological Ambivalence in the Artificial

Concept by: D.V. Caputo and Callie Beusman

Graphics + Animation by: D.V. Caputo

Music + FX by: DV-i

Written by: Callie Beusman

Programed by: Hamilton Steele and Edmund Olson

Mixed + Mastered by: Kurt Feldman at Winter Station

Published by: Priz Tats

Priz Tats is proud to present Aurora Memoria, the latest release from digi-wunderkind and Manhattan producer DV-i. Brilliantly showcased as the soundtrack to an interactive Visual Novel, Aurora Memoria is a 5 song ultra-concept EP full of lush, digitally-quantized bellscapes punctuated by samples, sweeps and FM blips. Set in the neutropic, hyper-evolved megalopolis ‘Fuji City,’ this interactive Visual Novel-written by Callie Beusman-is an inspired new take on a medium colloquially referred to as the 'dating-sim’.

Aurora Memoria allows the player character up to five divisive plot courses which wind their way through a multitude of rich CG and vector-illustrated backdrops and character designs complemented by nuanced dialogue and branching plot arc. A concept release to its very core, DV-i’s Aurora Memoria material format will be equally as stunning. This interactive release will be loaded onto a 4-gigabyte Secure Digital (SD) card with custom printed decal and housed in a 3d printed, thermoplastic case–this, of course, all designed by DV-i as well.

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<{~~fogNet.Online~~}>… @dvcaputo aka @physicallydv...

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… @dvcaputo aka @physicallydv ’s #AuroraMemoria IS HERE! Download @

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WHOA! Gameplay from @dvcaputo’s #AuroraMemoria COMING...

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WHOA! Gameplay from @dvcaputo’s #AuroraMemoria COMING TODAY AT 2PM Cent!!!
#LinkInBio #LinkInBio #LinkInBio

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